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Lower Bucks County BucksDegen 12/06/2021 (Mon) 22:24:45 No. 10000
Idk why this keeps getting deleted but let’s get this lower bucks county thread going!!
Whose the pic of bump
Brittney Rack Add an s to the last name
Amy C from her onlyfans and megan K did you mean britt st rack? If so post more and ill match you everytime
(1.00 MB 3264x2448 1609224166311-1.jpeg)
Gab p. of
Luca el (bree l) from her of and the other dani p
I'll add some more bree
Please... for the art of sharing nudes.. someone has to have the nudes posted of carly way back
(992.44 KB 3264x2448 1609170656614.jpeg)
More dani
Bump for carly
Did you say you have Brittany?
(924.20 KB 3264x2448 1597547935685.jpeg)
Miranda f and jul p
Thank god you posted that miranda fl I was the one who got her to send those do you have the other 4 pics????
Just got amanda gilesp ie to send me nudes gonna post in a day or so unless something spicy gets added
>>10757 I do not sadly. Grabbed it off a previous one of these threads and it was the only one they had posted
>>10757 How did you get them both to send nudes together? Teach us your art!
>>10771 Simple my guy was talking to miranda and told her she was hot and wanted to buy some nudes for 50$ a piece she was at a bar with jul and said she would send them when she got home i legit told her if she grabbed a friend and sent me tit pics of both from the bar together id double it the pictures came through ten seconds later there were 4 pretty much all identical lmao
Sarah k
Sarah k whats her last name
Bump Carly f pics. Anyone got Sarah nap
>>9688 >>10777 Were you talking to her from a throwaway account or did she know it was you?
>>10771 >>10843 Always a throw away in case they go to “expose” you not only that but do it off a device that isnt your phone one so it doesnt share ip and two so that you can photo the pictures on a second device if they dotn want you to “screenshot” them
Amanda g—-ilespie like i said
Tells me i have to do some bs to download so ill pass she sent a bunch of fingering videos anyway just take screenshots from it with a dick down her throat
Long shot here but any natalie k
(110.89 KB 800x601 IMG_0847.JPG)
(150.43 KB 1280x800 Milli.jpg)
(302.97 KB 1172x1633 jenna.jpg)
Sonja F, Milli D, Jenna C, Would love to see more of any of them. Or Dani's sister Jenn
(1.11 MB 3264x2448 1596811075593.jpeg)
I have danis sister. Need more '12 nesh girls
Man the jenn p stuff too that was me as well haha she was in love with the fake account that was diff lmfao
(124.81 KB 800x600 IMG_0546.JPG)
More sonja, she gets around. Lets see more Jenn P shes got nice tits
Sad news about the jenn p pics I had roughly 10 and even a black video with audio of her using a vibrator on herself but it got destroyed when a computer of mine got confiscated the thing is though she never EVER sent a true nude they were all either in panties or had her nipples covered like this one she hasnt been single since but someday ill try to catfish her again
>>10853 None of these girls know how to track IP. Impossible if you message them on Insta/FB already. As for screenshots just download AZ Respamer and get a screen cap video rolling before you open a snapchat. It sends no notification.
>>10931 AZ Respamer
(49.02 KB 640x853 52uf77c8fgp41.jpg)
Halo, hot, thinks she knows shit about cars, will fck for car parts and installs.
Shes got a bf now but I am trying to relive the past, she made me nut like I was a virgin again she knows whats up
Any brielle would be a godsend
Post up Liz h(ammer) or Vic Sal (Bensalem/philly) Will post full Shan k vid. Proof below.
Still waiting on Carly f
Becca r—-oss and her ex (dont know her name)
More amanda waiting to see anyone post something besides me or an okd nude that was originally mine lmfao anyone have amanda wh-arton would be a hero
(66.98 KB 515x470 20211201_215159.jpg)
I'll do another gab
Pennsbury girls?
Bump for Pennsbury
All I want for Christmas is Carly f pics
Damn yall got no more????
whos got britt strack? or any nesh 14 girls?
any olivia M?
Britt s would be a big win shes got a nice body on her.
The very first one is britt strac k but he hasnt posted anymore >
Oh I didn’t realize that. Theres gotta be better ones out there. Or tori war d ?
I don’t have more Brit. It’s just a photo I pulled from social media. I saw one of her sis on here before the wipe tho. It wasn’t bad. And I have some Peyton (rhymes with hurry) from Nesh 14
Shes a mess now isn’t she? Anything else good posted on here from nesh before the wipe out?
Any BHS 12-14’
I catfished peyton for a couple pics of her ass that got lost when i lost a bunch of pics please share more!!
Anyone have her?
Fran. I've got a ton of her
Anyone got liz hammer?
Any more Britt Strack?
Shannon k tits for Liz h (amber)
When was Carly posted ?
Well this died quick lol
Yea working on more girls
any olivia m
Was catherine w from 20!4 nesh posted ?
Post the pey murr pls
Here ya go
Been searching for something of hers for a while now. Now if she'd only make an OF finally...
Got a couple good nesh wins if anyone else has anything good
More gab
Quakertown? Perkasie wins Anyone?
What girls ya working on my dude
Yardley girls? Gab or Beth [email protected] n3r?
Working on maddie buffardi shes down but wants an pic of the fake account so i have to get creative
I’ll drop 2 pics for every Bensalem chick posted
Who you have to drop ? Might be able to help ya out
Someone has some
>>12130 Old Liz h, Shannon k, Lauren B, Erica k..
Will drop new Liz H for Shannon k
>>12188 Gotchu it’s a vid, tits out and visbile
Tried uploading vid twice says too big.. suggestions?
Says files to big… it’s 40 secs tried uploading twice.. any suggestions?
>>12198 Anonfiles
>>12198 Anonfiles(dot)com
>>12216 Server respond code 0 is what it’s saying
use porneeo.com and post link
Edited last time by mod1 on 01/10/2022 (Mon) 20:08:45.
Just screen shot part of the vid
The quality of the screen shot is shit no point with out the vid I will figure this shit out.
https://sendvid.com/2npza447 Shannon as promised! Plenty more as well
>>12244 Barely out or visible. She covers them the whole time.
>>12248 You can deff get a full view of em tho
>>12248 I have one of her full names in shower but it’s little harder to catch
>>12252 Post it
>>12253 I’ll post the other 3 Vids after Liz posted that’s fair I think
>>12254 Well mine of Liz are actual wins so make it worthwhile. That vid of Shan is barely a w if that.
>>10000 Unfortunately I can’t control what she posts I can only obtain the material I was just following the plan
>>12257 That’s fine but “tits out and visible” is a little misleading.
>>12258 I feel ya my bad I can see nips but nbd
>>12259 If you post the other 3 I’ll gladly drop the new Liz h. They’re all legitimate wins
>>12260 Feel u, idk if it’s gonna be good enough tho bro, one she just spreading her legs and her pussy wet thru her underwear obvi
>>12260 She pretty boring that one of her best and shower jawn alright
>>12260 >>12260 Got Maddie z, keely m old, Erica k vid couple more
>>12264 That’s cool just post what u got. If u throw in that keely m I’ll drop the whole set in a mega.
>>12260 >>12268 I’ll do both keely they actual wins. But can u throw one up or something, I got megas too fr
>>12269 If you post keely and Shan I’ll drop the Liz set. Bj vids and all.
I’ll post the three Shan after u post Liz I’ll drop the keely, I ain’t got no reason not to I could care less honestly, but can’t drop everything to many ppl just dip off
>>12270 Give me a min
>>12272 I’m not posting Liz until an actual win is posted, Shan or keely doesn’t matter.
neither of you got shit if you're going to go back and forth with "you post first". Its an IB...post or leave
>>12275 ^^^^^
>>12275 Lmao I been posting shit bruh U prolly ain’t post shit relax
>>12278 That is not the keely I was thinking of. I thought it was m(ur ray)
>>12280 How unfortunately ironic. Oh well I tried lmaoo
>>12281 Just post the rest of Shan and I got u lol
Here’s screen cap of vids tho
(68.16 KB 449x883 1597297427532-1.jpg)
>>10935 have any more haley?
You definitely got played on that liz deal aint seen nothing yet lol
>>12297 Why I don’t be posting full vids or everything at once. Mf scheme
Who got them
Liz h dude killed whole thread
Brooke S Huntingdon Valley?
Anyone have Marissa from church south 14
Cb south*
Any cb schools in general? East west or south?
Looking for a Brook H from Levittown Fairless hills area.
Any Feasterville bros here? Looking for anything 05-later
>>12624 spam
Any more Britt S/Gab P? And did u ever get Maddie Bu? And does anyone have Madi L from Hat/Horsh and KUtz?
Any more Fran?
I have a ton of Fran. I will post from her OF if anyone posts Britt Str/Maddy B/MadI L/Gab P
Nah havent figured out maddie buf yet but i did get some grom cc murp/hy big ol chick with big ass pierced titties
>>12741 Who?
any Olivia m her onlyfans was phat_mama1
Any Shan s?
>>12260 I got some amy (poRMen
>>10604 Post them
Any MadI Laessig from HH/Kutz?
>>12656 What
Cc murphy anyone have sybil berr-ys mega?
Anyone got Tiff McMah…on
Big time support any Tiff, she posts hot pics on her own
Crazy that there’s no Tiff nudes. She posts hot shit and talks about nudes.
Any crsd?