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Hastings Anonymous 08/04/2021 (Wed) 15:44:49 No. 351
Drop em
(34.88 KB 480x665 95IMG952015121695110835-1.jpg)
Michala S
Anymore of Michaela?
More michala! Any1 fuck her yet?
I have a few times. Nothing special do you guys know her ?
Michala s again
Ya i kno her, what that pussy like
It’s ok. Nothing to dream about. Doesn’t like her pussy licked and isn’t amazing at sucking cock. Always had me raw and leaving a load to take home to get hubby
(39.31 KB 213x393 FB_IMG_1628105612703.jpg)
Skyler h
Skyler h
Boy this died fast let’s keep the Geneva women coming
Who is dat
(171.82 KB 640x1348 228119716.jpg)
(152.94 KB 640x1348 228263727.jpg)
Works at sonic
(213.85 KB 516x960 220576206meg.jpg)
(483.00 KB 1080x1350 90705371meg.jpg)
Used to work at Mcd's
(164.64 KB 910x1513 20201212_114241.jpg)
Anyone have any jae wins? I'd almost pay I hear she gets around
Any Shelby G? Works at timeless tattoo
>>366 More of this chick!
I don't have any wins but I've tried her out. She's got them lips that grip 🔥
455 the girl with the glasses. Had a thing after the bar with her one night pussy is 🔥
(101.27 KB 946x2048 IMG950448.jpg)
(636.32 KB 1513x2145 Snapchat-610507482.jpg)
>>597 Who is this babe?
Bump for shelby glenn
Tiffany D
>>593 Who is this one
(611.45 KB 1920x2560 JM2.jpg)
Originally from Gibbon/Kearney.
(703.95 KB 4160x3120 JM1.jpg)
More Jody.
Bump where they all at
Who is this person?
Who is this chic?
Bump for CassieB let’s get some more!
Bump for shelby glenn
Bump for more Tiffany De(vitt)
Anyone have any of her?
Anyone have any of Chandra S?
(110.02 KB 270x544 Snapshot.jpg)
(107.68 KB 227x571 Snapshot_1.jpg)
(840.51 KB 952x952 JennaB1.jpg)
(83.07 KB 228x536 Snapshot_2.jpg)
Anyone have Jenna B?
Any Abby R? Went to school out there and slept around
Someone get Anna A back on this site y'all those tits were 🥵
There is an app for anonymous screenshotting if you have android. It got removed from the store for obvious reasons but if you google it then you can download it from an app hosting site. Check out Snap Saver.
Anyone have anything from any of the whores at TK? Plenty of them working there!
Bump for hastings
Any Lexi g? Hot nurse
Bump for Shelby Glenn, she's a bomb
Willing to - Abby R
>>351 Who’s got Bianca Fisc(h)er wins?
More Michaela S pleez
>>351 Any Hastings College girls?
Bumping for HC girls.
How about Nicole [email protected] or her daughter Bailey Shaf3r
Would love to see Nicole l.
Not much for Hastings
Hastings is a town of sluts, how is there not any others?
(46.05 KB 720x720 FB_IMG_1631627609321.jpg)
(42.91 KB 720x719 FB_IMG_1631627611781.jpg)
Anybody got any nudes of this slut? Heard she likes to cheat on her boyfriends so there has to be wins!
>>1267 BUMP for this beauty
Thought Hastings would have something!!!
BUMP for Michaela S
Bump for shelby glenn
Bumping for Anna A rhymes with Wackerman
>>612 Bumping for Tiffany D. Anymore?
Any makala b?
Kapri M. Wins?
(1.78 MB 1080x2460 Screenshot_20210929-074012.png)
Any wins of these 2
(269.99 KB 1080x1079 236458691.jpg)
Still looking for these massive melons. Megan G R
Bump for shelby Glenn
Damn bro. Keep them coming.
Looking for Charise B. Wins. The closest I got is a censored pic.
How about red? She’s a real nympho
Selling Abby R
We need proof you actually have something decent of Abby. Ill buy if you do...
Bump for Abby 👀
Who has any of the girls that bartend at the tank????
has anyone bought premium to view the archives? is it worth it
(79.00 KB 209x431 PhoebeMan.jpg)
Phoebe M anyone?
Bumping for Abby R and tank bartenders for sure
(68.66 KB 529x1000 gmkvbd7lcit21.jpg)
there you go
WHO is this!?
>>2068 Jaryn Elders Trump Slut
With tits that perfect I don't care! lol
(284.48 KB 576x1024 AlexsiaW.jpg)
(299.55 KB 576x1024 AlexsiaW1.jpg)
(326.08 KB 576x1024 AlexsiaW2.jpg)
(192.40 KB 576x1024 AlexsiaW3.jpg)
Bumpiing for one of the Bennett girls Jenna or Chairise
Wheres Lecee or Jade slutty pics at? Know they out there
(20.55 KB 1080x826 FB_IMG_1634664549262.jpg)
(52.91 KB 1080x1096 FB_IMG_1634664597354.jpg)
(74.22 KB 1080x1442 FB_IMG_1634664607095.jpg)
(38.52 KB 1080x699 FB_IMG_1634664644028.jpg)
>>2088 My God she has a BANGIN bod!
I knew J had great tits under the clothes but man those are amazing! Wonder if the other bartender has any out?! (M)allory i believe
>>2068 Damn I went HS with this girl when she lived in Wyoming. Never thought her tits were that amazing. Definitely would love to see more if you have anything
We need to spread this site and get more wins!!
Bump for phoebe m. Let’s see em.
>>2068 That's not her lol, kinda looks like her but not, pictures below are tho
>>2068 This one isn't her haha
Any of Kelsey N always wanted to see her big tits!
>>2226 They aren't that great lol
Bumping for @nna A rhymes with Wackerman
Anyone have anything of Alejandra? She works at Thermo King. Huge slut
>>1949 Seem escort ads from this one, never tried them though. Has anyone?
Wheres the guy fucking Michaela? We need more bro! You still fuckin her?
(642.44 KB 720x1407 MeganGR.jpg)
We need Megan's big honkers
(642.44 KB 720x1407 MeganGR.jpg)
We need Megan's big honkers
Sorry guys it double posted.
How about Crystal G.
Still looking for Nicole L.
>>2470 (D3v1tt)?
I am not fucking her anymore.
Damn! I've always wondered what she looked like under those scrubs. Would love to see more pussy pics...wonder how beat up it is
>>2474 fuck man drop it all, she look so fine there
(198.38 KB 349x994 megan1.jpg)
(156.47 KB 261x876 megan2.jpg)
(232.85 KB 269x1056 megan3.jpg)
(214.33 KB 275x996 megan4.jpg)
No nudes but Megan GR still be busty af.
>>2492 Shes not even attractive
Sorry if you wanted to post pictures of Shrek, they belong in the celeb thread. Ew.
>>2495 If you wanted to be a faggot why wouldn't you just google dick pics?
>>2484 why though? gross
Anyone have anything from Gaby Castillo?
Someone has to have some of the ladies who work at SuperCuts.
Anyone have anything from 5 gals at Supercuts?
Bump for shelby g, rhymes with penn
Any redline girls?
Ronnie light wins cmon
who has wins of Kaley [email protected]?
Anybody got any of @riel H3ster? She use to be a blast!!!
>>2636 Who is she
>>2636 Bump Taylor. Would love to see more! Used to have massive cans.
I used to have a huge collection lost on an old phone 😥 I came to her sooo much had a creep shot of her and kady d when they lived together drunk naked also had kady never taylor tho. Kady could take a fist if anyone wondered 🤣 #highmilageholes
>>2663 Fascinating story.
Well this thread got boring
Anyone have any of Kristi Lewis? How about Kristi Gu3st
Hastings got boring
>>2839 Agree
Anyone have Emily G4rcia? Graduated a few years ago, kinda chunky but cute.
Who is the chick that is bent over in the first picture?
Your mom
Used to have wins on my old phone from old forums. That phone broke and now I would to see that trophy rack again!
>>2887 Holy shit bump! Went to HS with her. Heard she was kinky af and into piercings and anal.
Went to HS with this chick. She’s had massive tits for as long as I can remember. Have some HC broncos wins if we can get this thread alive again.
>>2889 Drop those HC wins
>>2663 Your pics were pretty crap quality. Here’s some higher res.
Paige S
Bump for Kaleigh Leatherman
(286.80 KB 788x1472 JennaBennett.jpg)
Bumping for wins of Jenna or her sister Chairise or mom Cassie Br. Jenna Bellow
Anyone have Jadyn Chaney wins?
(73.23 KB 1080x720 heidiweekley.jpg)
(162.78 KB 1080x1080 heidiweekley1.jpg)
(202.20 KB 1080x1080 heidiweekley2.jpg)
(95.68 KB 1080x1350 heidiweekley3.jpg)
Any wins on gamestop girl h3idi w33kl3y?
>>3249 She is hot, wanna talk about her.
>>2900 Anyone have any more pics of Paige
(17.71 KB 400x400 hweekley.jpg)
>>3265 here's one more i found of h3idi w
Someone has to have some of Alejandra Juar3z Martinez
Anyone got any HC or CCC girls?
Bumping for @[email protected] A she was on the old site if anyone has archives
Bump for shelby G from timeless tattoo
(565.90 KB 1920x2560 Joddy1.jpg)
Anyone got any wins on this attention whore? J0dy [email protected]
(1.18 MB 2592x1944 IMG_20210717_190810.jpg)
J0dy Mspam(an)
Any HC girls? I doubt any college people will post but worth a shot.
Any more of Michala S? Love dat ass and tiddys
>>3777 For real. She got socials?
Anybody got any of W3ndy D3dr!ck? She use to be a bar whore. Gots to be somebody that has some
Anyone got any wins of summer from the hastings
Anyone got any wins on Riley Halb.
Any wins of Angela (c)rouse?!
Bump Angela
Anything for Mad Molly tiktok girl from hastings
Seen awhile back someone said they had Abby R. I knew her and would love to see if any were out there
(155.28 KB 1194x2208 Snapchat-1486801969.jpg)
Have tons of Hastings girls let's get it rolling I'll share more
>>3941 Who do you all have, send more.
I know of a few Abby R's from Hastings or who went to school there. Which one do people want?
Josie dawn Wynn wins, someone has to have em
>>3990 She definitely has some wins. Who has them.
Abby R from HC. Former bowler i think?
>>4000 Who is this?
>>4001 Abby R
Anyone have any wins of Katie Stevens.
Holy cow! Can confirm that is Abby R. Seen that pic and many more wins of her but was never able to get ahold of them myself. Would love to see more.
Anyone got any Alyssa C? Played softball at HC. Know she was fuckin around at one point
(633.00 KB 960x1372 MadisenTurpen.jpg)
(371.61 KB 1920x1080 AllaynaSaurer.jpg)
(270.34 KB 1920x1080 AllaynaSaurer2.jpg)
Anyone got anything on Allayna?
If someone can get ahold of more Abby R pics, I'll drop more
Well im sure it is only you and I looking for the Abby R wins buddy. Unfortunately im sure youre the only one with them too
Anyone have any wins of Josie Dawn Wynn. She’s got to have some.
>>4026 I know for a fact it's not just me with them. I know of other people with them. They're not hard to get by just asking
I appreciate the pic you provided! Heres to hoping someone else with them also is on here.
Or wins of Amanda would be nice too
Bump on the wins of amanda
Any more wins of Josie Dawn Wynn
Caitlin kal(Val)age wins?
Anyone got any wins of this MILF.
Sidnee F from hastings, any wins?
Any Jordan Bridgmon, Hair Dresser. Moved Back From Tennessee. Super freak..
Anyone got any wins of Katie Stevens.
>>3249 fucking hot af. More?
>>3249 >>351 Tell me you got wins?
(1.24 MB 1420x1120 Heidi1.jpg)
I Pesonally don't have wins. Closest I've got of HW.
(1.11 MB 1080x2148 HeidiWeekley2.jpg)
HW again.
Any chance we can get more of those Abby wins? I assume you'll hold onto those but it is worth one more shot.
Anyone have A. Dish--man?
Anyone have any wins of Sara Brown
(127.73 KB 1080x2265 Snapchat-466218284.jpg)
Anyone recognize this pussy? Lol seen on nesnaps
>>3650 damn this girl looks fun as fuck
(461.32 KB 896x1215 JodyMorgan.jpg)
>>4541 JM? Yeah, but massive attention whore. Wears next to nothing at the slammer and will kiss on and try to get guys to fuck her just to tell them no she has a boyfriend.
>>4461 I almost feel like i should know this one from the shirt pattern. anybody have a clue?
Any one have any off Jessie roets or Jessie barth
Alright guys, who is she? I want to see more
(467.74 KB 1108x2048 vsco60e50e524b510.jpg)
(1.07 MB 1536x2048 vsco60e50cf479c9f.jpg)
Any wins of Kenzie Lloyd?
(578.67 KB 1536x2048 vsco61b412a9ce697.jpg)
(245.69 KB 960x1792 vsco60b2b12f6bd77.jpg)
>>4614 Kenzie again
Anyone have any wins of Josie Dawn Wynn
>>4616 Hugeeee bump for her
Anyone have any wins of Taylor Soucie.
>>4615 Big bump for kenzie!!
Anyone got any wins of Miranda Niemeyer, she’s so sexy.
Anyone have anymore of her? Or stories? Grew up with her always thought she was a freak
Any Hastings OF?
Bump for more Abby R
>>4814 xoxpaigerxox
Someone plz send some wins... im here for the Abby R and hc girl wins but ill take anything at this point lol
(34.70 KB 162x282 MeganGomezRocha2.jpg)
(334.57 KB 557x982 MeganGomezRocha.jpg)
(116.65 KB 262x637 MeganGomezRocha3.jpg)
Look I know she's gotten big but her tits are massive and I just want wins. Bumping for [email protected] G0m3z [email protected]
>>4821 Is it worth it?
>>4871 Yea, you should post some of them here.
Any of jadai? Goes by rocio now. Amazing cock sucker
Who has some of Rylea B_nner
Who has Danielle L
Anyone got [email protected] on the HC volleyball team?
I can get some of Abby if anyone can provide some too